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Urinary tract infection or uti is very common infection of the urinary tract . It tends to recur quite frequently in some individuals ; so much so that people may have multiple attacks ( up to 6-7 ) in one year.

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Once treated with homeopathic medicines recurrence of Urinary Tract Infection greatly reduces and eventually stops.The top five homeopathic remedies for treating UTI are Cantharis , Merc Cor , Sulphur , Clematis , Coli Bacillinum I would rank Cantharis as the number one Homeopathic remedy for uti when the symptoms agree to it.Cantharis has been a very helpful homoeopathic medicine in treating cases of UTIs in people who have recently had an attack of streptococcal infections .This medicine can also be used in treating cases where there is recurrence, which means that people suffer from repeated attacks of these infections.It is Indicated when the patient experiences a burning pain while passing urine.The patients get a feeling that they have to pass urine very often, but can pass very less urine at a time.

Each time while passing urine, the patient experiences a very bad intense pain in the lower abdomen which extends upwards till the belly button.There is a feeling that the urine was not completely expelled and they feel that still more urine is yet to come out.The pain is more while walking and so the patients prefer to be in sitting posture just to avoid the unbearable pain.Another important symptom that indicates the use of Cantharis is that there is pain in the back on both sides of the spine.This region is very sensitive touch, hardly allows the patient to move.At times, the pain radiates down the urinary tract . They also have an itching sensation in the urethra after passing urine.