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Facebook and Google were both said to be trying to buy Whats App. China’s We Chat is becoming a threat to the country’s equivailent of Pay Pal.Snapchat turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook.

Messaging, it is clear now, is the killer app on mobile.

These apps are growing at a rate not seen since the early days of social networking in the mid-2000s, when Cyworld, Mixi, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, My Space, and Facebook jostled to create the world’s biggest social graph, a web of connections that personalized the Internet.

We Chat, not yet three years old, has more than 270 million active users. Line and Kakao Talk count their users by registered accounts.

The former passed 300 million the other day; the latter has 110 million.

Seldom mentioned among this clutch of frontrunners, however, is the app that I think could be the dark horse of the Internet – a potential bolter that has built a deep and defensible moat around its product, and one that has zagged when all others have zigged. If you believe in the messaging revolution and that messaging is the killer app for mobile, then Kik has to be on your radar.

(Okay, so in that orgy of mixed metaphors we’ve got horses building moats while running from side to side. ) This app, while it faces very real challenges, has locked down key advantages in its technology and it is starting to deliver the kinds of numbers that, if they were emanating from Silicon Valley, would be the chatter of the venture capital community, if they could only shut up about Snapchat for five minutes. If you believe in good design and a young userbase, then Kik should be near the top of your list of chat apps to pay attention to.

Having said that messaging is the killer app on mobile, it may sound like contradiction to say that messaging is also a commodity, but that, too, is true.On my i Phone’s homescreen, I have a folder that contains six messaging apps, and the messages come to me by push notification.I don’t really care which app I use to respond, but I do care about the stuff around those messaging experiences – the tools, the timelines, the connected apps.If you agree, then, that a communications platform is more important that a pure-play mobile chat app, then Kik deserves the same attention you give to We Chat and Line, and more than you give to Whats App.And finally – crucially – if you believe in the mobile Web, then there is no other: Kik is the answer.A lot of people, of course, don’t believe in the mobile Web.

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