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It is very dangerous because it means that Exceptions you never expected (including Runtime Exceptions like Class Cast Exception) get caught in application-level error handling.It obscures the failure handling properties of your code, meaning if someone adds a new type of Exception in the code you're calling, the compiler won't help you realize you need to handle the error differently.

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The rare exception to this rule is test code and top-level code where you want to catch all kinds of errors (to prevent them from showing up in a UI, or to keep a batch job running).In these cases you may catch generic Exception (or Throwable) and handle the error appropriately.Think very carefully before doing this, though, and put in comments explaining why it is safe in this place.Alternatives to catching generic Exception: Remember: exceptions are your friend! We recognize that not all existing code follows these rules, but we expect all new code to be compliant.Android follows standard Java coding conventions with the additional rules described below.

It can be tempting to write code that completely ignores an exception, such as: Do not do this.

While you may think your code will never encounter this error condition or that it is not important to handle it, ignoring exceptions as above creates mines in your code for someone else to trigger some day.

You must handle every Exception in your code in a principled way; the specific handling varies depending on the case.

Anytime somebody has an empty catch clause they should have a creepy feeling.

There are definitely times when it is actually the correct thing to do, but at least you have to think about it.

In Java you can't escape the creepy { some Complicated IOFunction(); // may throw IOException some Complicated Parsing Function(); // may throw Parsing Exception some Complicated Security Function(); // may throw Security Exception // phew, made it all the way } catch (Exception e) { // I'll just catch all exceptions handle Error(); // with one generic handler! In almost all cases it is inappropriate to catch generic Exception or Throwable (preferably not Throwable because it includes Error exceptions).

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