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I haven't opened a PC case since I had a 386 back in college. The hardest parts were getting the CPU cooler onto it and mounting the motherboard because the CPU cooler made it tight.

I just ran the 3d Mark demo from Steam, not the full version.

It only let get a Performance score, not an Extreme or Entry score.

I had to remove some of the hard drive cases to let the graphics card fit but that was no big deal. I will add a storage drive eventually, but I think the 256 GB SSD will be sufficient for a while.

I accidentally ordered the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus instead of Evo, but I am fine with that. I got the DVD drive because I already own Windows DVDs (I ran it using VMWare on my Mac). I bought the 600 watt PSU with the intention of adding a second graphics card next year or the year after.

I figure the prices will drop as the technology is older and the bitcoin/ litecoin miners stop buying the cards in bulk. I need to figure out a place to put it permanently, besides this shelf.

I have an Asus VK266 that I bought years ago for another computer and PS3 (1920 x 1200; 2 ms response time). Your cable management definitely needs some work, but other than that, you've got a nice build, especially for the price you paid. :) Edit: You may want to upgrade your PSU if you plan to Crossfire in the future.

600W is cutting it pretty close, and that's if you don't overclock anything.