Cell phone etiquette while dating

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Cell phone etiquette while dating - Rus vdochat 18

Everyone has been annoyed by the phone going off in a meeting or the person who bumps into them while texting.Learn about proper cell phone etiquette in public in this style video from

The problem is that we have yet to learn the right etiquette for cell phones.

We engage in inappropriate conversations in public, speak too loud in public and receive and send text messages at inappropriate times.

It is not OK to use a mobile phone at a wedding, funeral, or any publicly attended function that requires silence.

A wedding ceremony will often be videoed and when the vows are being taken, the happy couple does not want to hear someone's phone text message going off.

It is imperative therefore that you switch off before you enter the chapel, church or registrar office.

Talking on your cell phone on the when using public transportaion is OK but not when you decide to have a long and loud conversation.

It is absolutely wrong to swear to your caller or become angry when in public.Modern cell phones have improved microphones and there really is no need to shout, even though most people are tempted to because we feel the recipient is unable to hear us if we talk softly.Texting is very popular these days and even more so than ever with the rise of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.Many people seen texting on their cell phones are actually updating their Facebook status or replying on a Facebook conversation or it may be that they are updating a tweet.If you are walking down a street, particularly a busy one, and you have the need to update your Facebook status or add a tweet, then stop and move to the side and stand still while you update a text message or add a tweet.Do not attempt to walk and text at the same time as you will either walk into an item of street furniture or another person.