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Chad harlow mpls naughty chat

No trav- eling, hotel bills, makeup, and hours (Continued on page 32) »50 a Night for Big Pageant At Toronto Fair, Despite Off Gate Show Business Chicago, Sept. They do toe, acrobat, tap and gen- eral ballet and get, $3; a day. Sophie Tucker, fs the central figure in the idea and will be hos-' tess for the six months' engage- ment if the deal goes through. It also means staying in one spot at quick and easy money. graduates from the better class picture house ballets and schools, are Iroupihg through the sticks in girl acts. 5.' A deluxe night club to operate during the World's Fair and on the grounds is in process of consumma- tion.

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It is an open field with house managers in increasing number asking for legit shows. This is - entirely separate from - the spots being handled by the new legit circuit, the United Booking Office, although the latter can handje the smaller, stands. Keith's (Libson)- (1,550; 25-40)— 'Blessed Event* (WB). Latter Is fourth wilderness tale being prepped at Par. 6.7 Mary Mc Carthy is at' Universal to write a new treatment on 'Ships of Chance,' studio's contribution to the: gambling ship cycle. They are on duty from seven until , and aria changed fre- quently, no girl being permitted to work more than two nights a week. There may be booked at this time between 30 and 35 weeks of broken time — one, two and three night stands. Palace (RKO) (2,600; 30-55)-^- Down to Earth' (Fox). Last week 'Back Street' (U), advantaged with Hollywood premiere and Clncy locale of story, got a wham ;000. Flying high in second week with ,000 following ,500 black .eruption for starter. Family (RKO) (1,000; 15-25)— 'Radio Patrol' (U) and 'Gorilla Ship* (Fischer). Wilderness Locale for 4 Par Pix in Work Hollywood, Sept. Two new stories under treatment at Paramount are In for a Penny,' which Julian Josephson and: Brian Marlow are scripting, and an un- titled jung Rryarn being worked on by Max Marcln and Cyril Hume. Lancer* and Island of Lost Souls.' REWRITE FOB 'CHANGE' Hollywood,^ Sept. Girl Cappers, Nightly For Coast Gambling Spots Hollywood, Sept. Extra girls, who have the neces- sary wardrobe, are being used as cappers at one of the swank gam- bling spots along the boulevard. Girls are paid a night to make a noise like money around, the ta- bles. will use NBC and Don Lee-CBS networks to broadcast all western football games. Outside UBO Which Is Con- centrating on Key Towns — -Erlangers and Shubert in Competitive Clash on B'way Bookings — - Inde- pendent Sure if Pool Doesn't Handle Demand CHEAPER FARES NOW There are at least 300 towns and cities east of the Colorado line that are available for road attractions. Setup heralded as 'a ,- 000 show.' Screen title topped over Lukas-Landi combo. Last week 'Downstairs' (M-G) and F-M 'Gobs of Joy' idea, extraed with Cherni- avsky's orchestra, dipped to an all- time low of ,000. Lyric (RKO) (1,285; 30-55)-f-'Bird of Paradise* (RKO). Last week 'A Success- ful Calamity* (WB), George Arliss magneted the limousine trade for a good ,000. RKO unloaded the Orpheum, Ta- coma, to the owner, George Poe, last week. Harry Fraser and Wellyn Totman are adapting 'Arizona Bound,' Trem Carr's next Rex Bell for Monogram. More recently the house oxperr- enced financial difficulties, with foreclosure placing the spot in the hands of the present banker-Owners. Part of the recent deal made be- tween radio and football execs when, In return for broadcasting privileges at all games, radio men agreed to spend nearly (100,000 In publicizing gridiron events. The stooge impresario rates the loud noise in lights, newspaper ads and posters. Last week 'Blondie of the Follies* (M-G) attracted ,000. upturn In some lavm prices, which have created a better sentiment^ which in turn has loosened purse string and thus stimulated theatre attendance; also figuring le the more vigorous exploitation anil ehowmanm ship efforts and a considerable re« ductlon in seating as a result of the, closing- of the' two big loop de luxd' houses, the Minnesota and Century}-' which account for nearly e. Finance Check Precedes Dmnping of Two by RKO Los Angeles, Sept. With RKO preparing to turn back the Orpheum, Oakland, to Fox West Coast, and the Orpheum, Spokane, to Alexander Pantages, B. Mar- shall, circuit auditor, is here check- ing financial matters before the transfer is made. Production starts same day oh •Wayne Murder Case,' by Arthur Hoerl, which I. Of late years it has been operated by RKO alternately as a combo house and a straight film spot. Estimates for This Week Albee (RKO) (3,300; 35-80)— 'Passport to Hell' (Fox) and F-M 'World's Falre Bt' unit, bolstered with Ted Healy and His Racketeers. Tom Mix pulled up a winner, but the last half weak- ened for ,400; fair, . bos office grosses.' Other factor,* also believed to : enter into the situation are the stock market risa ml nii. Aster (Publix) (900; 26)— 'Mari About Town* (Fox), 'Society Glr F (Fox) and 'Man from Yesterday*-. v Theatres con- cerned include the Granada and Palace, and RKO's Colfax and Strand.

Hipp is famous in theatre annals as the birthplace of big sight shows and spectacular stage presentations. .'Igloo', will finish the first run policy at the Criterion- on. 'Bird of Paradise' is holding over to excellent returns. Finishing 'Exposed' for Al Her- man's Eagle Productions, Mauri Grashin was retained to write a sec- ond. 'Love Me : Tonight' and 'Hold 'Em Jail' are currently whamming them and will chalk up pleasing profits. new product is credited mainly foi* the .recent strong .upswing . - Presently, Par and RKO are talk' ing over a possible -pooling deal for South Bend* This one calls for Par to take over RKO's two houses In the Indiana town. •; That Interests looks confined chiefly to the reserved seat public. BLESSED EVENT Warner Bros, production and release,' featuring Lee Tracy. One or two had them on page one of the Sunday editions. Latter are plan nlng to convert the theatre into commercial property and has re- quested RKO to remove Its equip- ment from the house. • 'Back Street' bowed out at the Carthay Circle Sunday night, house going dark. Last week, due to scram- ming announcement, take was. Art Jarrett returns for the first time locally since his de- parture from the Fox several months ago: Jarrett, local lad, has some following but not enough to write to the Home bfflce about; ,000, all right. Che- valier and Rogers are the current film standouts. Loop showhouses continue to roll swiftly along under the impetus of newly born prosperity. Paramount-RKO pool In Yonkers is already in effect as of Sept. RKO operates town for both, each having one theatre In the spot, namely the Par-Strand and the RKO Proctors. Once that's established, with the actual dialog occurring rapidly the first few times, that's no longer a nov- elty. The rest must ' be carried by what II Interest the average picture fan. In his letter he said, 'I cannot ex- press to you, and through you to your associates in the campaign 6r- Ganization, in too vigorous terms, the feeling of newspapers of the jcountry.' A. newspapers throughout the South carried Stahiman's statements and played them up. The southern field is a tricky one ifor the politicians this year because ■ of/* the prohibition question and frly leaders are apt to take the Somplalnt of the papers pretty serl- siy. Depression technique in the mitt-reading guild has the for- tune, tellers making odd. In front of one prognosticator's parlor a' pim- ply youth wearing a turban cries out: 'Come in and have your business analyzed for 60c. Hippodrome, New York," rings down its curtain as a show place this, fall since RKO Is giving up its option for a renewal of its lease at the request of the owners of the house, the City Bank-Farmers Trust Co., of New York. 'Blondie of the Follies,' with the' Hearst paper con centratlon, off to better than aver age at the State, and looks for , COO as the final count. Paradise* at the Orpheum gives evidence of setting a new rec : ord for the straight picture policy, 'Blessed Event' got off to a open- ing at the Hollywood, Which drew the stars and good trade. Faiitagcs gives indications of poor ■week, with 'Bring 'Em Back Alive/ . : 9 with a .50 unveiling of 'Rain.' : Estimates for. Engagement was -extended four days, with closing Sept 4. Loew's Metropolitan (2,500; 25- 35-60-00-75)^'The Last Mile (M-G) and vaude. Albee vaudfllih array, is an im- provement over past fortnight. (Continued on page 36) PAR-RK0 Y0NKERS POOL SET; SOUTH BEND NEXT? ' 'Joe Pale-oka,* Eddie Small's pro- duction, will be released by Uni- versal. The script is unquestionably, bet- ter reading than seeing in celluloid or oh a rostrum. It's, been so re- marked as regards • the stage ver- sion, .which, at least under. highbrow clientele that is more or less Interested in the better things of the theatre, but as regards a hotsy-totsy average picture audi- ence, that'fc Something else again. O'Neill has made his characters talk twice (voicing their' thoughts for the second time), just as people in real life often say one thing but think another. Manuel Self and Forrest Wilson; adaptation by Howard J. James Stahlman, , president, and publisher of the Nashville 'Banner,' protested that radio 'largely by- rea- son of its novelty and extravagant claims of vast nightly audiences, Which are extremely doubtful, reaps the financial rewards and gets the most breaks on respective releases.' He further said that as a result of the raw deal newspapers had •been given by the politicians that ••'southern newspapers do not feel that they should be called upon to tear a part of the expense in bally- Aoolng the merits of the presiden- tial hopes. He cited instances at the two national conventions when poli- ticians went out of their way to favor radio men and actually snubbed newspapermen. Broad- way with the exception of a three- week booking of 'Maedel von de* Reeperbahn' at the Central two- years ago at top. 5 With the three-day holiday, the final of the season, there was a big exodus, which possibly hurt the: two top money getters on the week. • 'Love Me Tonight,* the Chevalier opus, will possibly hlt-fj-ouhd , 600 the week. (1,600; .66) •r-'Back Street'- (U) and, stage show (5th-final week). Adding western feature, to help this 'one was no material aid, as around ,600 is off average for hpuse, but would be big. The stalwart Kate Smith and her 60- minute revue\ headlining. Last week 'Back Street' (U) and Olsen -and Johnson on the stage did a goodly ,000. Rain Saturday , spoiled out-of-town week-end rambles, an Labor Day swelled receipts in regu lar holiday style. Playwright, engaged by a Coast studio to adapt a story, was given. On completion he submitted an outline of a yarn he . ' It's, hot a flicker that can go into the Capitol on . Tascha Bunch uk presentation, ■ or into Loew's State, on Broadway,, with a rowdy vaudeville frolic headlining the stage portion. in screen treatment, might be said to be Somewhat of ; an Improvement over the. The actual words are uttered, and then the subconscious thoughts are voiced by the same player's sound-tracked voice (with a different inflection, of course), as one sees the player's lips taut, but his or her face in- terpreting: the • subconscious, emo- tional expression to suit. There't an introductory explana- tory title which points but the why- fore of this double dialog, mention- ing that Mr. On the other hatid, the strong start obtained the (Continued - on page 33) POLITICS VIA RADIO BURNS DIXIE PRESS Birmingham,' Sept. Because Dixie newspapers believe the two candidates for President have not played- fair with the news- papers and are favoring the radio, the Southern Newspaper Publishers* Association has raised a howl. Stahlman went so far as to write letters to Chairmen Farley and San- ders of the Democratic and Re- publican National Committees claiming discrimination in favor of rrciio. 'Maedchen' at .50 'Maedchen In Uniform,' German talker, is: set for two-a-day showing: at the Criterion, New York, start- ing Sept. It's the first time a German talk- er has been roadshowed on. 8 VARIETY PICT E GR SSEI Tuesday, September 6, 1932 am-ONo Helpto LA., But Biz OK; Namfie/ ,000; Los Angeles, Sept. , Downtown (WB) (1,800- 26-70)^- Y^.'Big City Blues' .(WB) 'and vaude- ville. SEATTLE'S FALL SWING; CHEFS SMASH ,000 Seattle, Sept. Opening of .schools and arrival of fall weather, makes local houses ballyhoo into fall season with con- siderable ndlse. Albee (3,500; 25-36-60-76)— 'Age of Consent' (RKO) and vaude. CINCY CONTINUES OK; WILL ROGERS, ,000 Cincinnati, Sept. The second straight week of above-average, product and winning takes at the principal boulevard cinemas. F-WC de luxer there has been dark for several months.. 6;* Claiming ownership of equipment and furniture of the Wilshire the- atre, Santa Monica, Independent Theatres, Inc., has filed suit in Su- perior Court for ,000 against H. (That 110 min- utes running time also will be of little help for the grinds later on.) ' The story, stripped of the O'Nel U- ish 'asides' .forces the conclu- sion that it's not a cinematic sub- ject for the masses. There's -even some question whether they will reach last year's high In the amount of facilities re- tailed through 1932. The I'nblix-Dublnsky partnership was effected a year ago. due to other similar type pic-, •tures- having beaten : it In; For -first week' it hit around ,000. , Hollywood (WB) (3,766.; .26476)— /Blessed: Event' (WB); Great start-'; off campaign showed fine results-for 'premiere and -at opening pace 1 the columnist yarn, should drawn big ,000. Last week •Two Against the World* (WB) was on tap for eight days, and did fairly good, getting. With bpposish it is a question how this will gross; certain to attract men and may get ,700. Latter was good western, which helped a lot toward getting 6. 15, with- declared intention to make It a real theatre- ' Fanchon-Marco shows to move there from Fifth, with Jules Buffano's. First real busi- ness this ailing cinema palace has had in many, moons. Last' week 'Passport to He U' (Fox) did a meagre ,000. Tacoma picture house biz has been, bad for the past; five years, prompting RKO to close July 28, and turning back the lease two weeks ago. U has loaned Andy Devine to play the name part Theatre Operators Sued For ,000 in Equipment Hollywood, Sept. Complaint alleges that the defen- dants wrongfully converted the property to their own use; Plaintiff also asks ,600 attorney fees. Johnson is working with Dudley Nichols on a western, and Wales, formerly at Radio, is germinating an original of his own. Stage hands and operators, burned over unfair charges, are taking steps to halt tactics resorted to by mu- sicians. Pair are 'Dark Waters,' by Hari rlson Dickson, which appeared in 'Colliers,' and a 'Satevepost' story, 'Publicans and Sinners,' by Anne Cameron. • Here's Nina, early in the play, bemoaning her regret at having de- nied herself to her first love, the aviator, Gordon, on the eve of his departure to the World War, and, In the course of the next year, here's Nina again confessing her promis- cuous 'spooning' (a censor com- promise, but lucid enough) with the internes at the hospital, where, as a nurse, . Then follows a deliberately scien- tific mating 'for purposes of pater- nity, with the too gen-, erous footage closely analyzing all the emotions of Nina and 'her three men' in the full of her life up until a pleasant eventide.

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