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Chatroom no plug in - hiei dating quiz

That second request is definitely something that is squarely in the realm of something a plugin should be handling (and not the Message Notification plugin despite what the contributor of ticket #2980 seemed to think).

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I'm less concerned whether it's done via plug-in or core functionality.

+1 I've been searching for a way to do this for a while now.

Our office has an xmpp/jabber server and I was looking to set up a persistent chat room for announcements and such and set Pidgin to open a window when someone says something in that room. I believe the blist entry for the chat room should become bolded when messages are pending (and possibly highlight differently when that message contains your name, though I'm less sure about this).

Though I believe the bolding is broken at the moment #10068.

I'm using latest 2.4.1 with latest GTK+ on Windows XP Home.

I've created a persistent chat room and then closed the chat room window.

In some protocols (ICQ, XMPP), when someone else types something in the chat room, the chat room contact item is bolded. I also read ticket #321: I would think that (3) not working is probably normal. ie: If only through a plugin, I just want to make sure that Why do you want the ability to close the conversation window only to have it magically reopen automatically when you receive a message?But both (1) and (2) not working is probably a bug. Also, in the interim, is there any manual workaround I can use? Cheers, Ignac Hi rekkanoryo, Thanks for responding! (3) might have been ok, but the maximum time for the notification to be displayed is 60seconds...after which it disappears. What is the purpose of closing the window in that case?Why not just leave it open and use the taskbar flashing to indicate new messages?Anyway, a plugin should be able to respond to incoming messages in exactly the same way that the buddy list handles double-clicking on a chatroom buddy list entry for a persistent chatroom.If a plugin can not do this I would consider that a bug of sorts. When someone says something, you want to be notified by the window popping back open. Even better would be the optional ability to open pop the window when text "xyz" is said in the room.I'm still not sure why leaving the room open isn't acceptable, but I don't have to.

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