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Now that I’m no longer using photoshop for prototyping, I wonder if it still has a place in my workflow besides just image processing.

When helping people envision a brand new house to move into, a showroom may take weeks to build and furnish, but a blueprint or a 3D rendering might only take a day or two.

The showroom is more representative because it’s closer to the end result, but it’s also more expensive to tear down and/or revise if changes are needed.

In any field where you get to a result through iteration, approximations are necessary.

The value of Photoshop for me has always been that it’s the path of least resistance to the most expressive result.

It’s a great tool for me to quickly get to some useful approximations.

Using more waterfall-like processes in the past, a comp was the quintessential best approximation.

But comps are generally based on the premise that this was how everyone would see the site: 960-ish pixels wide on a desktop computer.We know better than that; in our multi-device world, people access the web from the palms of their hands to the dashboards in their cars. The first great approximation that I generally use is a link.Designing “full comps” for all of the permutations is a zero-sum game. I send my clients links and say, “Here’s how they did it. ” I collect those into a document called a Visual Inventory.Once we have that conversation, I turn to Photoshop to start creating my next favorite approximation: element collages.These are usually ideas that I’m most excited to get out of my head and into pixels.No need to care at this stage whether what you’re designing is a good idea or even possible; the main goal here is expressiveness.

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