Cheryl cole dating tre holloway

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The 29-year-old entertainer and Tre were quickly escorted to their car to avoid photographers before returning home.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cheryl Cole “Me, My Christmas jumper and my Lily hahaha!!!!

10+ pictures inside of Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway leaving the Rose Club… Romance is said to have blossomed around her June 30 birthday, when Tre was a guest at her Las Vegas birthday party.She recently danced with the handsome American on Jonathan Ross' chat show, but was coy when asked about the romance."I am having a lot of fun right now and I'm a very happy person," was all she would say.Cheryl vamped it up in a leather skirt, ankle boots and a low-cut black vest top.Finishing the look off was slicked back hair and a lick of red lipstick.

Her tour starts in Belfast on October 3, and finishes ten dates later in her home town of Newcastle on October 17.

Supporting Cheryl every step of the way will be Tre, who is a backing dancer.

Cheryl Cole’s boyfriend Tre Holloway need not worry of buying her an expensive gift on Valentine’s Day because the singer admitted that it’s the thought that counts, and she would be just as happy with a homemade card or candlelit bath as a luxury gift.

Despite Cheryl Cole having good looks, a cheeky disposition and really big bouncy hair, she hasn't appeared to have had a huge amount going on in the love department recently.

Which, you know, is fine - she's been busy scoring number one's and being successfull all over the place - but it would also be quite nice to see her enjoying some romance too.

Well, according to reports there could be a certain someone putting the twinkle back in Chezza's eye - she's said to be dating dancer Tre Holloway. ) met on The X Factor in 2010, when Tre performed with Cheryl as she belted out hit 'Promise This'.