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by enjoying a married man’s company, vacations, candlelight dinners, gifts and of course passionate sex.

In the past four or five years, I have been involved in several relationships that have ended, for one reason or another.My most recent relationship ended abruptly when after 10 ½ months of committed dating, my boyfriend sent me a text saying that he needed time to figure out what he wanted in a relationship.This text came after his inexplicable two-week-hiatus from our relationship – he had not returned any of my phone calls or had any communication with me during this period.I was shocked, first by his silence and second by his decision to text me a break-up message. Despite this hurtful and abrupt ending, however, I was happy to discover that the end of this relationship did not leave me devastated as the ending of other past relationships had. Michael and I decided not to have a TV our first year of marriage and it has already promoted more reading time.Marriage Books: Michael and I tied the knot in June of last year and we both read more marriage books than we really need around our house. The best & most helpful were: by Emmerson Eggerichs .

This book proved to be the most tangibly helpful marriage book we read.The premise of the book is women want love and men want respect & most conflict in marriage arises because of a misunderstanding of these two desires. Takes a look at hard questions about sex, abuse, pornography and how these often play out in marriage.Mark and Grace didn’t do everything right in their dating life and their transparent style is great for struggling couples. A wonderful book on God’s design for sex & honoring Him in the bedroom. Not as you are supposed to be, but exactly as you are. Ann discusses coming to faith in the most radical, unexpected way–and all her struggles along the way. It also gives detailed advice for the couples who are really nervous about intimacy! A story of a family in crisis–where they learn to cling to the One who matters most. A truly powerful portrayal of the never-ceasing, all-powerful love of God. It will make you laugh out loud (seriously) and cry. Beth deals with difficult issues of self-harm, grief, and extramarital temptations really well. Note: a little “edgy” so if you are easily offended, probably don’t pick this one up. In the article, the female author admits that, because of all the hurt and pain she had been through in past relationships, she’s made a conscious choice to date in a “safe way,” i.e.

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    It has taught to differentiate from the people who really care and love me, such as my parents, whom I haven’t been entirely appreciative to.