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Why the hell should male or female hookers get to advertise for free on Craigslist. I would personally charge them $10 per post (or, at least, some sort of revenue share).But those socialist anarchist execs at Craigslist would, no doubt, concoct all sorts of socio-economic justifications for why certain types of underprivileged people are forced onto the Internet to sell their bodies.


The money that is being sucked (yes, sucked) from mainstream media is truly disgusting . 265,000 per month in each city adds up to 1,820,000 free ads.So at a flat fee of per ad, that's ,100,000 per month -- or 9,100,000 per annum.And that's just the top eight metropolitan markets. So by giving away saucy advertisements, Craigslist is nakedly stealing revenue from local newspapers and magazines, thereby laying off local journalists and depriving all of us of local news and information.It takes a woman about a thousand words and a condom to get laid on Craigslist.Analysis of eight major American cities shows erotic services consistently garners the highest number of individual visitors for February – almost always twice as many as the next ranking category, averaging 265,000 people per city.Equally racy lists that consistently score high visitor volume are the section for casual encounters as well as personals for women seeking men. If adults want to engage in animalistic behavior involving the consensual deployment of their own private parts, that's their personal business (they will go to hell as a consequence -- but what do I care? No, what bothers me is that Craigslist is giving away these advertisements for free, thereby driving down the price of classifieds and killing local newspapers (whose core business is selling small ads).

The free sex on Craigslist is shafting mainstream media. Surely, even the bleeding hearts at Craigslist could charge people who use their service to advertise for shafting partners.

For men desperate to meet other men, a nominal fee (say per post) shouldn't be prohibitive.

And for the sexually frustrated seeking a casual encounter, Craigslist should charge per post too.

The last time I checked my local massage parlor (this morning, as it happens), a session -- without the "extras" -- cost for 30 minutes of private bliss. God knows how much they charge for similar services in San Francisco.

So a fee to get a free casual encounter is an economic no-brainer.

And then there are erotic services, a euphemism for the sale of sexual favors.