Dating a single father with full custody

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Dating a single father with full custody

Deep in thought: The visit to the village was a chance for David to see where he was born, but also a chance for Yohane to calm his fears over the international court battle over Rocco, Madonna's oldest son Lourdes, Madonna's oldest child, 19, also accompanied the family on the charity trip, which began in Kenya and ended up in Malawi, checking on Madonna's new paediatric hospital, due for completion in 2017 Aspirations: 'I only want the best for my child,' said Yohane, seen here, third left, posing with David, middle, Madonna, Rocco, crouching, and village elders during the visit to Yohane's home last Friday For Yohane, it put his mind at rest to see the 'happy and harmonious' family up close for the first time since Madonna, 57, was fighting film director Ritchie over whether Rocco, 15, should live in London or New York.

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Yohane had to come forward to tell the world's media he wanted the adoption to go ahead - and blocking it would ruin his son's life chances.

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