Dating china marks

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Dating china marks - ukrain site for dating

Although a backstamp may be an indicator of authenticity, the backstamp alone is insufficient to guarantee genuineness.Counterfeit backstamps have been applied to ordinary pottery, and in some cases transfers have been applied to bona fide Shelley whiteware.

The UK Club has an extensive discussion of backstamps which they have shared with us.

This page shows many of the known backstamps which were used by the Wileman family potteries to include predecessor companies such as Elkin Knight: forth below are some of the most common backstamps used on Fine Bone China and miniatures.

As noted, many variations of the above exist, usually occurring when Shelley or Wileman added a particular pattern name and/or number to the backstamp.

In addition, earlier Wileman and the forerunners to Wileman employed numerous other backstamps.

Date a piece of Homer Laughlin china by locating the mark on the piece, finding the date code and deciphering the date code.

The timing of this depends on how quickly you can decipher the date code.

You need a piece of Homer Laughlin china and a database or book for the date codes.

The study of backstamps is a science in and of itself, and only the brave have dared to venture into this impenetrable thicket of marks, numbers, and names.

By way of background, Wileman & Company was formed in 1872 to run the Foley China Works (replaced J. Wileman), and a variety of backstamps were used over the years.

In 1894 Wileman began earthenware production in a new earthenware works.

Wares produced in the new works were labelled with unique backstamps.

Beginning in 1910, the Shelley backstamp replaced Wileman and Co. Backstamps are often the first thing a collector looks for.