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Yet you have the audacity to vilify Wal Mart for doing what everyone else is doing?

For all we know about you, you could just be another whiny, wagon riding welfare rat who doesn't want to see his golden goose shot, so he comes here spouting nonsense about big bad Wal Mart.

Then again, you could just be a liberal being led by the nose by your party.

By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, September 15, 2016 Whether you put them in a basket or not, the question of this election is: Who are Donald Trump’s supporters?

One way to answer that question is to widen its scope beyond the United States.

Sam was made in America but 75% of the products in his store is made in China. Eventually Walmart told them to have their manufacturing done overseas to bring down the cost before they would order. Walmart uses communist China cheap labor and can undercut mom and pop locals and there is where the rubber meets the road. Some folks like smaller local communities and I think that's what Mikeyy was talking about earlier. Dave, sit down for a minute and look around your home.

About a couple trying to market their American made product to Walmart.

Start with your cell phone, and tell me where it was manufactured.Then pick up ANY piece of electronics and tell me where it was made.Then look at the decorations in your home, the every day dishes in your cupboard, the toaster on the counter and even the clocks on the walls, then tell me where they were all made.Then go into your clothes closet, and pull out all of the clothing articles that are made in the USA, and put them on the bed and take a picture of them.Chances are that you bought all of these items at many different retail stores, and maybe not a single item came from Wal Mart.But I have a shiny nickle that says that 95% of what you have identified was made in a country other than the USA, and a great many of the items say "Made in China" somewhere on them.

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