Dating customs in senegal

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English, is the official language, but the indigenous Twi of the Ashantis, the Fante language, Frafra, Ga, Dagbani, Mampruli, Gonja and Ewe also have official status and are taught in school as indigenous (local) language in the respective areas where they predominate.

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Each lineage controlled the land farmed by its members, functioned as a religious unit in the veneration of its ancestors, supervised marriages, and settled internal disputes among its members.Akan kings, once renowned for their splendor and wealth, retained dignitary status after colonization.Celebration of the Akan kings lives on in the tradition of the Golden Stool.The Akan are noted for their expertise in several forms of craftwork, particularly their weaving, wood carving, ceramics, fertility dolls, metallurgy and kente cloth).Traditional kente cloth is woven in complex patterns of bright, narrow strips. It outdoors the dignity and pride of the people when they dress in it.In fact, the manufacture of many Akan crafts is restricted to male specialists.

Pottery-making is the only craft that is primarily a female activity; men usually fashion pots or pipes depicting anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures.The various Akan groups speak various dialects of the Akan language, a language rich in proverbs, and the use of proverbs is considered to be a sign of wisdom.Euphemisms are also very common, especially concerning events connected with death.The coastal Akans were the first to have relations with Europeans during the "Scramble for Africa".As a result of this long association, these groups absorbed aspects of British culture and language.For example, it became customary among these peoples to adopt British surnames.