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Dating sim sex emo - Grannysex dating

The idea of younger women dat­ing older men is a time­less con­cept. Why do younger women like dat­ing older men, and why has this con­ven­tion been prac­ticed for so long?

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For younger women want­ing to date older men and older men look­ing to date younger women, the evo­lu­tion­ary dimen­sion pro­vides a good start.

But not all rela­tion­ships are that sim­ple, because women and men are often a lit­tle more mul­ti­di­men­sional than that.

So maybe there’s more to sex­ual chem­istry than biol­ogy.

Maybe sex­ual chem­istry is related to the size of the man’s wal­let.

After all, some younger women don’t want a sex­u­ally charged older man; some younger women pre­fer a man who can shower her with Birkin bags and fill her closet with Manolo Blah­nik shoes.

In fact, there are prob­a­bly many younger women who pre­fer that, and, lucky for them, there are a lot of afflu­ent older men who are more than happy to shower these women with the finer things. Con­sent­ing adults can date and marry for dif­fer­ent reasons.

At the same time, most peo­ple would be hard-pressed to find exam­ples of beau­ti­ful young women dat­ing poor older men with lim­ited finan­cial means.Nat­u­rally, gold­dig­ging is a con­di­tional arrange­ment that can be short-lived.After all, older men will only hold onto their arm candy so long as it pleases them.They have noth­ing to lose, because they can always find another young woman to date.If, how­ever, the ‘who’ is more impor­tant than the ‘what’, then maybe age really is just a num­ber.And the attrac­tion runs deeper than any­thing biol­ogy or mate­r­ial pos­ses­sions can explain.