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They come in so many different styles/personalities – some you’ll fall in love with right away and some you’ll clash with and see no future together whatsoever. I know I tend to feel somewhat incomplete without a perfect pair of stylish jeans, but once I’ve found the one (that fits my beautiful curves), It’s hard to let them go. Finding a pair you love is like meeting that significant other that you feel you’ve known for years.

The trick to finding the perfect pair of jeans is to make sure they’re true to you in the rarest of forms – from the way they fit your toosh to the way the mesh with your lifestyle. They make some time to find, but don’t get defeated… Briana’s back to help unleash the inner-Fashionista in us all.

Look to her to make the fashions of the runaway work in your wardrobe.

Rest easy trying the latest trends knowing they're Briana-approved.

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can be compared to a great pair of jeans – hugs your curves in all the right places, worn in just enough to be comfortable, and makes you feel hotter than ever.

I’ve found close to perfect jeans but I haven’t yet found the close to perfect mate.

I’ve worn designer Joe’s Jeans and I’ve worn Old Navy jeans.

I’ve had dates at Can Can and I’ve had dates at Galaxy Diner.

Can Can boy bought me flowers and Galaxy Diner girl shared her Camel Lights while we sipped PBR.

Each of those dates had their own good qualities but they didn’t fit me quite right.

If I ever find the perfect jeans, I will buy as many pairs as my credit card will allow me too.

I understand that mates, dates, and partners aren’t perfect but if I find a great fit, I will hold onto them as long as possible until the seams rip and the hems fray.