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This report examines the actual cost of Hepatitis C treatments across multiple countries, focusing on media reporting of net prices negotiated between manufacturers and intermediaries.It seeks to go beyond the typical examination of list prices that are often misleading.

This study was conducted independently by the IMS Institute with funding support from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA). In this report we examine the shift in Asia, and globally, from supply-driven healthcare systems to value-based patient-centered healthcare systems.This report introduces the concept of value-based healthcare and illustrates how real-world data-driven decision modelling approaches can improve disease management and support value-based clinical and policy decision-making in Asia, offering applications in diabetes and stroke as case examples.In this 2016 review you will find a set of key insights together with our growth and value forecasts.The review includes five key videos featuring author Graham Lewis, VP Global Pharma Strategy, IMS Health. IMS Health forecasts that between 20, 94 percent of list price value growth will be in specialty medicines in Europe.

Orphan drugs are on the leading edge of this specialty trend.

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