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Read More Zynga raised some eyebrows earlier this week by announcing a hidden object game that, at a cursory glance, has an awful lot in common with both Playdom's Gardens of Time and Game Insight's Mystery Manor from visual style and setting to puzzle types.Read More 2 Broke Girls - asking players to control the main character Max as she buses tables, pours coffee and racks up tips.

Read More The original Mafia Wars was one of the early breed of Facebook games, an accessible-but-deep text and menu RPG that let players build up a criminal empire.Mafia Wars 2 still lets you do that, but adds a whole lot more. Vostu--you know, the Brazilian social game maker trading legal blows with Zynga--has released what is likely its most ambitious social game yet with Gol Mania.Available now on Facebook and Orkut in English, Portuguese and Spanish, this social soccer game touts real-time...Read More Lucky Space, the resource management and exploration title mixes conventional social game mechanics with ABL's "secret sauce"of retention-driving niche gameplay.Developed by Hungarian studio THX Games PLC, Triviador is a unique mix of strategy and trivia game presented like the classic board game Risk.It supports up to three simultaneous players in real-time matches.

Read More If Frontier Ville was crossed with Tangled, it'd probably look a whole lot like Castle Ville, the next big release from Zynga.

It's a game that offers some familiar core gameplay mixed with new, and in some cases quite interesting features, and wraps it all up in a very Disney-inspired fantasy world.

Read More Between Zoo World and Gourmet Ranch (among other titles), Facebook developer Rock You can lay claim to over five million monthly active players.

Hoping to add to that player base, the company's newest title - Hooked - set to launch in beta sometime this week.

Read More Conquer Online is one of the most fun and attractive Kungfu style Pv P based MMORPGs of its genre.

Being the first free-to-play PC 2.5D MMO in the world, the game has achieved worldwide success in 8 years of life.

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    I told him I felt bad that he was looking at these women-but I felt even worse because I was the one who looked it up in his documents on his computer-I felt I invaded his privacy-I didn’t want to be one of those crazy girlfriends/fiancés.

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    June 16th 2013 (Payback)…the day she became the Diva’s champion in one of the BEST diva matches in WWE history, where we just didn’t see two women fighting for a championship title, but two former best friends, going at each other, trying to prove themselves in front of one of the loudest crowds, Illinois.