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We have all had a crush at some point in our lives so what does it mean when you dream about someone you like?We often have our crush at the back of our mind and this deep inner desire to be with them can actually cause us to dream about the person.

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When you dream about your crush it therefore reflects your actual attraction, fascination or infatuation towards this person.

To see an old crush in a dream is a reflection of your feelings during that stage of your life.

Here are the most common questions people ask when they dream about someone they like.

Dreaming about your crush does not mean that they were thinking about you before they went to sleep, this is simply an old superstition.

I’m sure many women fantasize about Brad Pitt before they fall asleep, but this does not cause Brad Pitt to dream about each and every one of them! They reflect your thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears.

Dreaming about someone you like simply reflects your own feelings towards that person.

If you find yourself thinking about your crush frequently or see them on a daily basis then this can cause you to dream of that person during the night.The frequent dreams about your crush may also be a subconscious desire to let this person know your true inner feelings, especially if the dreams are positive.If you have a dream about someone you like rejecting you or being with someone else then it can symbolize your anxieties, insecurities, or not knowing how that person feels about you and whether they like you back.When you have a dream that your crush likes you back, kisses or hugs you, then it reflects your attraction or infatuation, and inner hopes and desires to be with that person.It can also represent your optimistic outlook about how that person may feel about you.To see the Dalai Lama in your dream represents spiritual enlightenment.

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