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The show will air weekday evenings at pm & pm ET/PT! After 8 Simple Rules ended in 2005, Kaley went on to co-star on Charmed's last season, she also taped a pilot for ABC last fall but it didn't make it, and earlier this year she starred in the Lifetime movie Fat Like Me. All 28 first season episodes will be there and as of now just bloopers for extras, but we will let you know if there is anything else. The set will be retailed at 23.99 but you may order it cheaper on Amazon. 9/15/06: Today is the last day for the show on Daytime WB. Let's hope the show returns to the airwaves at some point.1/2/06: The show will start airing in reruns starting today on Daytime WB.

This Friday ABC will encore the most popular episode of the season, "Secrets" - so make sure everyone catches that! If it does well, here is what will happen: It would either be renewed with The WB afternoon or taken into syndication, according to Buena Vista Television Distribution President Janice Marinelli.

But if 8SR in early fringe performs decently airing in pattern on WB affiliates, Marinelli could have some interesting options: Either put it on the shelf for awhile at The WB Afternoon or seek better time periods than it would have gotten otherwise in syndication.

5/17/05: ABC announced its schedule for the 2005-06 season today, and unfortunately 8 Simple Rules is not a part of it. Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Ed Gibb, Tom Mc Gowan as Frank, Howard Alonzo as Russell and Michael Burger as TV announcer (v.o.). Guest Stars: Raquel Welch as Jackie, Jamie Nations as director and Jill Walter as receptionist.

It is very heartbreaking and surprising that they renewed Less Than Perfect for mid-season, but not us. Nielsen Rating: 4.6/8--#60 (for the week of Nov 22-28, third in timeslot overall and viewers 18-49, 7.09 million viewers.). Nielsen Rating: 4.6/8--#62 (for the week of Nov 29-Dec 5, third in its timeslot overall and a virtual three way tie for third place among viewers 18-49; 6.71 million viewers.).

Bruce Cameron , a father is blind-sided when his two sweet little girls turn into teenagers with hormones raging and a logic all their own. Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb, Owen Williams as Tom, Nicholas E. Nielsen Rating: 5.2/9--#61 (for the week of Jan 3-9, virtually tied for second with Joan of Arcadia for its timeslot overall (7.82 million viewers), first in timeslot among adults 18-49 with a 2.6/9). J.'s Temptation" Synopsis: While Cate finds herself becoming jealous of Principal Ed Gibb's (Adam Arkin, "Chicago Hope") new girlfriend, Cheryl (Pamela Anderson), C.

His only solace his is 13-year-old son whom he still manages to understand.

John Ritter stars as Paul Hennessy, a loving, rational dad who can't quite figure out how his sweet little daughters morphed into hormonally-challenged, incomprehensible teenagers. catches Rory cheating on a test, he is torn about reporting it when Cate tries to persuade him to look the other way. Luckily, he still has a 13-year-old son who still speaks his language. Meanwhile, when Bridget breaks her leg because of Kerry's blunder, she makes her little sister's life a living nightmare. 8/5/07: In case you have not read our DVD Review of the first season DVD, then click HERE! Guest Stars: Kimberly Mc Connell as Rebecca, Sarah Rafferty as Danielle, David Garry as Robert and Michael Kostroff as photographer. 13-19, second in timeslot and viewers 18-49; 7.09 million viewers). It is certainly a good set but wish we had more extras! Episode 65 - Title: "The Sub" Synopsis: Cate is shocked to discover that Principal Gibb (Adam Arkin, "Chicago Hope") has hired C. The DVD is out this Tuesday, so if you have not bought it yet, click HERE to buy it. from spending Christmas alone in Las Vegas, the Hennessy household bends over backwards to recreate one of Cate's first holiday memories to entice him to stay. Please buy it so we can be assured of all three seasons on DVD. First, fresh off from our update last week that the show is coming to DVD in August, today ABC Family announced that the show has been picked-up by them for rerun play starting June 12! In other news, Kaley Cuoco will be back on network television on CBS in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Meanwhile, Rory decides to break up with his wealthy girlfriend when he fears that he won't be able to buy her a Christmas gift worthy of her upper class status.

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