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I know there are legal obligations to pretend to have an actual search, but there are ethical was to pretend that allow job seekers to be reasonable and realistic in their expectations. The Adelphi University English Department seeks a tenure-track professor of creative writing with a primary emphasis and strong publication potential in fiction and a secondary interest in creative nonfiction.Incidentally, Cal State still hasn't informed any of the finalists that they've made a hire. Teaching responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate courses in literature and creative writing. s two-track undergraduate English major offers concentrations in literature or creative writing; the MFA program offers students the opportunity to work in poetry fiction and creative nonfiction.

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Adelphi University is an equal opportunity equal access and affirmative action employer.

We particularly encourage applications from a broad spectrum of individuals including women and under-represented groups.

Upon request reasonable accommodations will be provided for individuals with disabilities. COM Deadline: March 16 Acknowledgment received: Request for additional materials: writing sample, teaching portfolio, rec letters (3/4) Rejection (no interview): Preliminary interview scheduled (please specify: MLA, phone, Skype, etc.): at their campus (but they don't seem to be offering to pay for travel?

Please submit three letters of recommendation and apply only online at ) or AWP or by phone (3/4) Rejection (after preliminary interview): Campus interview scheduled: Rejection (after campus interview): Offer made: Offer accepted: NOTES: The English Department invites applicants for a tenure track position in creative writing: fiction, with a strong secondary teaching interest in another genre, beginning August, 2016.

Page for Academic Positions in Creative Writing that begin in 2016.

Last year's page: Creative Writing 2015 NEW PAGE for 2017 jobs: Creative Writing 2017 See also: English Literature 2015-2016 OFFER MADE? Please post information at English Lit Salaries for AY 2016-2017 (section for Creative Writing Jobs).

Subscribe to RSS Feed for This Page: Writing_2016?feed=rss&action=history Job Candidates & Search Committees: Please post results of your search: Institution; New Hire's Name; Degree; Publications. Forthcoming is lovely, as is his forthcoming teaching experience. Why not just feign interest in candidates by Skyping them instead of asking us to do a ridiculous amount of work, having us spend tons of money to interview at MLA, and getting our hopes up when they were obviously not interested in legitimate candidates with actual--not forthcoming--pubs and actual--not forthcoming--college-level teaching experience?If you could set your pretension aside a moment and look at the original point about Cal State, it wasn't an MFA v. This is why the comment on the Cal State post was obviously made by a person on the committee with inside knowledge who was rightfully disgusted and offended.Next time just save everyone the time, money, and trouble, and pretend to interview in a less expensive and time-consuming way for the candidates.I would personally like to thank whoever it was from Cal State who had the ethical wherewithal to post that comment.Maybe we'd all be less bitter if people wouldn't play games with our livelihoods when they have already made up their minds. Please post information at English Lit Salaries for AY 2016-2017 (section for Creative Writing Jobs).

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