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The project consists of only six rules (journal about it each day, see a couples’ therapist once a week, etc.) and so far, 36 posts. Before the big reveal, I decided to test the bounds of their post-experiment lives. I know that Tim thinks the word “panties” is fantastic, loves cheese puffs, and feels alive when he’s listening to jazz.

I know that Tim has joked about Ryan Gosling playing him in the movie version of the story, and that Jessica bringing that up makes him blush.

I know that Jessica’s mom is “super hip” and that Tim’s grandparents in Cleveland are, arguably, his biggest fans.

I know that Jessica and Tim now get recognized roughly four to five times a week, and that the thought of that still makes them laugh a little.

It’s a project built around their innermost thoughts—but it’s not one they were necessarily planning to share with the world.

Well into dinner at a candlelit café in New York City’s No Ho neighborhood, Timothy Goodman is angry. ” Jessica Walsh asks her visibly perturbed pseudo-boyfriend and the co-creator of the newly viral blog, 40 Days of Dating.

“Just getting tired,” Tim mutters, looking down at the table.

“It’s been like two and a half hours of this dinner.I feel like we’re just being monitored like zoo animals.” It’s a bold statement—but not a ridiculous one.I’ve been observing the duo behind everyone’s new Internet obsession since the moment we sat down.Taking a mental note of things like Tim’s charisma, enormous smile, shiny blond hair, and big appetite, and Jessica’s shyness, striking black bangs, calm demeanor, and goofy laugh. :)” To sit and talk to the two of them in real life is, unexpectedly, surreal.Their blog, at, chronicles a simple social experiment. Their journal-like entries, which capture the 40 days they dated in incredible detail, have given me the false pretense that we’re friends.Two friends try to unlearn bad-relationship habits by dating each other, exclusively, for 40 days. I know too much about them before we even sit down.