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(Besides parental control, you can disable access to selected drives easily or even prevent others from copying your files to a USB storage device.) From Windows Vista onwards, a parental control has been built into the Operating System by Microsoft. Although there are many good third party software available for this purpose, here I am going to show you how you can add a simple time restriction for user login under Windows XP.

This is hidden under a command line interface though.

Do not get taken back by command prompt, the trick is pretty easy.

” command is one of the most powerful commands available on Windows.

It lets you administer and automate many tasks in Windows.

We will only use the sub-part specific to user account control.

Here are some some details about the net user command (ignore this and skip to next section to find out the our easy way): : Assigns or changes a password for the user’s account.

Type an asterisk (*) to produce a prompt for the password.

The password is not displayed when you type it at the password prompt.

/domain : Performs the operation on the domain controller in the computer’s primary domain. If you need to specify multiple times for different days you can use” /time:” option many times.

The first option restricts the time the user \”USERNAME\” with PASSWORD can log in from 12PM to 1PM on all days (Sunday through Saturday) (use 24 hour clock in the command its easier to read). You may enter the time in either 12-hour or 24-hour notation.

The second command restricts the user USERNAME’s login time to 3AM to 3PM on all days and on Saturdays, allocates additional time from 3PM to 6PM.

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