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Girlssitedating ru - Live sex chat in dubai

I dont know in Russia, but i can imagine that it is.

A simple trip to Ukraine with one of them will prove that to you. Usually start at snag 1 domain, investigate DNS, view *every* site before adding to a Notepad TXT file, then past those results into a discussion - as with every other "list" I create.

taxd6evtiuitaq9tl tl mlkca8779xcr33tl tl csszwmb7dm9tl kdatwgjmwu6tl kbgator4469tl pyeydzy5727tl ruokkt2000tl tlg7w, I've checked several sites from the first post, because they seem to be not about brides at all. Most are transient, expect them to change to something else in a short amount of time.

What I see, that some of them don't have a DNS records. An example of spam from OP (until it's deleted): It doesn't occur to me that the entire industry is a scam as is presented here.

Several sites from that list are about renting apartment, no brides there. While spamvertised domains are an issue, and affiliate marketing is the cause for this, the spurious claims about identity theft,, credit card fraud, phishing are entirely false.

It is batch reports like this which bring WOT into disrepute.

WOT is about detecting fraud sites and making the internet a safer place to spend time, not about grinding personal axes.

Thank you for the link, I have received spam from this domain and understand what you are talking about.

However, there are other links that were rated in the batch which are not appropriate. I used them to chat and send messages, and I went on tour with them to meet some of the ladies I was talking to.

Once, one of the ladies asked me for money in a mail, obviously not being a complete idiot I flagged it to the site, they reviewed the situation and I got a full refund immediately and the girl was removed.

This is not a scam operation but is grouped by WOT in the same class as every other fl by night operation run out of a dingy basement in Kiev. Also, on the Anastasia scorecard is another batch rating (at least I assume it is part of a batch) by Mark Giles - it includes the following links -

I see this blithe posting and it makes my blood boil - Identity theft / credit card abuse FAKE dating / Russian | Ukrainian brides enter no information, attempt no transaction None of this is accurate. (doesn't it strike you that this is actually an affiliate link for Elena's Models?

Yet it is routinely the subject of Batch Ratings on WOT. - check the frame near the botton of the page when you click the link)