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Of course my mom has some family here too but she wanted to stay in England. I’d say it was like 50/50, because he’s a big footballer. But this year I kind of thought I’d join in the parade and walk with my cousin.

” That’s like, too much coz not even straight people do it. I used to have one a couple of months ago but it was kinda…no way!

You were on ‘Let’s Dance’, the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars.

I’d love to play for Liverpool, but I need to get better if I’m going to do that. But I’d never say never to go back to England to play. It’s not that I’m tired of this place but I want to see something new. The person that was himself and tried to inspire people to be themselves and live their life.

Gothenburg is always Gothenburg, it’s the best city in this country I think. Everyone else wants to go to Stockholm, but I always want to go here. Where do you see yourself in the years to come in football? I just hope I’m still the same, a spontaneous happy guy. Just as myself, the guy that tried to show the way.

I have had to shut down my Facebook page because of all the offers from Canada, Brazil, the States, Australia and Romania.

The person I like will have to like sports.“I have had quite a few proposals from men.

I am not into all this stereotypical gay-pride thing.

You may not know the name Anton Hysén, but for two years he was the only gay man in professional soccer. But he can’t pressure, I mean people do, but he always said that he’s not going to pressure anyone to do anything that they don’t want to. Since I’m born there, my first citizenship is there, my language, my friends, everything. He’s been in Liverpool and in England obviously since he’s been young. When did you first decide to be open about being gay? She always wanted me to go and she was the first person I came out to, and yeah, I just wanted to try it.

Called a ‘global one-off’, the 22-year-old Sweden-based star shocked the world when he came out as openly gay. The youngest son of a professional football family, his father is the legendary player and manager Glenn Hysén. I had a pretty good childhood, I had a lot of friends, had good family. But I kind of started it myself but then it was like, if you want to do it you gotta stay committed. That’s why I get bullied by my friends in Sweden, because I’m more Swedish. I had that thought about it for a second, but then again I was like, fuck it.

He also has two older brothers in other Swedish soccer teams. I’ve been living here for a longer time, now, so this is my base. At the age of 14, 15, when you really get serious, that’s when you make your choice. But I’m half English, since I can get the passport whenever I want, and got bank accounts and stuff in England. People are always going to say whatever they’re going to say, and people gets stuff said to them no matter who you are and what you do, so I was like, fuck it. She told me, ‘You gotta think this through, because once you come out, that’s it.’ She was worried about my career, about the reaction, but it was fine.

The UK-born Utsiktens BK player spoke to Gay Star News in the beautiful city of Gothenburg about growing up, coming out, dating and the problems with gay pride. Dad was playing football in Liverpool so then we moved over to Gothenburg because he wanted to get back to his family. That was when my part came in and I knew I really wanted to play football. I’m just going to tell whoever I want to tell and those who don’t like it, they don’t like it. Before you, Justin Fashanu was the first and only gay man to come out in football. Time has moved on a lot since Justin Fashanu, not just in England but everywhere. There was a lot of support for me, I had really great friends around me at the time.

He also talks about being the middle man between Justin Fashanu, the English player who came out as gay in 1990 and killed himself in 1998, and Robbie Rogers, the American who came out, retired, and returned to glory at LA Galaxy. I didn’t want to go to Sweden, but his family was here. When you did come out, did you expect the reaction you got? I thought that so much more people would be negative. When he died in 1998, the press was really bad and the atmosphere was bad. Now that Robbie Rogers has also come out, do you feel less alone? Robbie Rogers is in a league far higher than me, so there must have been a lot more pressure on him.