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Our practices are held at the recreational center instead.

Weekends are free for all, so whoever's there practices, managers aren't required to come." He pauses, and scratches the back of his neck, "Then again, we've never had a manager.""But the male's team is so popular.""Yeah, but our captain is picky about his managers.

He wants someone who at least has some sort of volleyball experience in them," Oikawa sighed, a fond smile on his face and he winks, "That's why we have you, Kyappu-chan! | akaashi keiji They say if a friendship lasts 7 years, it’ll last a lifetime.[date: 3/22]Hey Keiji-kun, how’s your new house?

I bet it’s really cool with pretty things, like your old house!

Do you remember the big sakura tree that was in the middle of nowhere and we’d go to it after school and play? Mom says we’ll be able to see it flower around April.

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x Reader - Omorfos Kosmo [2]Chapter 2 - Cats, Crows, and Garbage"Of all things to happen, it has to be the first years and the second year idiot duo that are missing..." Daichi sighs as he paces around their guild hall.ID: Sawachi Main: Holy Knight Level: 66 - Exp 45/100%Guild: Karasuno Fun Fact: Many people think Daichi's ID was named by Tanaka and Nishinoya, but it was actually given to him by Sugawara.Similar to how Hinata had an entire black outfit beneath his armor, Daichi was the same.The only exception being the full on armor that covered his body from head to toe, although his helmet was off - for once - and his usual bastard sword and shield were strapped to his back.The metallic knight-like armor wasn't too intricately designed, with a few wings adorning it here and there, but it shined brightly under the sparkling crystals that illuminated their guild hall.Although their guild was recent, in fact all guilds were, they grew rather quickly, expanding and culminating guild points in ord Oikawa Tooru x Reader - Defenseless [2]Flashback"We don't practice at the gym we played the match in.