Humorous online dating stories

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Humorous online dating stories - dating in ireland ie

After several months together as friends who do stuff and hung out, if finally just happened when we kind of co-adopted a kitten. The really great part of the story, to me, was that we found each other very quickly.We both decided to try online dating and, within our first week, met each other. She had moved back to the city where she grew up after a spell moving around the eastern half of the country and I had just finished grad school, watching most of my friends move away while I stayed in town with a shiny new job in hand.

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Suffice to say she was smitten with the prose I had on the screen and three other key points: that I didn't look like a total creeper, wasn't married, and didn't make continuous references to only wanting to have sex.When we met I was shocked at how gorgeous she was, having expected some use of the "angles," and told her as such.We ended up at a couple different bars around the city and made out like high school kids in my car (which we were not).Fast forward about two months and I asked her to move in with me. She stills stands by the fact that she wasn't looking for anything too serious. But they're out there, and you shared them with us. I had grown up in NJ and moved out there after college to take a job. The stories of finding true love via Tinder or your soul mate on Grindr are, understandably, fewer and further between. I had been living outside of a southwesern city in a rural area.

I dated a few of the women in town, and it wasn't working out.

I decided to try online dating, but didn't want to shell out cash just yet; I was working at a nonprofit, making minimal money.

So, I figured before subscribing to a pay service like Match, I'd try OKCupid and Craigslist. However, one of the respondents was starting her Ph D at a university in the southwestern city, and we really hit it off.

We dated for a few years and have been married since 2011.

My wife and I met on Craigslist back before it became a creep show.

In fact, I had responded to a post and never heard back. We then talked on the phone a bit and had a real chemistry. As she would tell it, she was smitten immediately, but I was a dork and couldn't imagine anyone every loving me (which is why I Craiglisted myself at the time). And today are still married (10.5 years) with 2 kids, a dog, and that same cat. Spoiler alert: met online, dated for two and half years, and we're getting married next summer.

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