Im 16 dating 20 year old

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Im 16 dating 20 year old - Punjabi girl on skype sex chat

In other words, All knowing God will bless you with your wife when your ready to be her husband. It's great that her parents would not mind if you dated her. A twenty-two year old man is considered an adult, but a sixteen year old is not yet an adult.

I'm afraid i have to say yes 16 is still a very vulnerable age. I think you should both go your separate ways for a little while. An age gap of say 25 and 19, will not raise so many eyebrows Pamela :-You are a wise mother having detected the wolf in sheeps clothing I write this to reinforce your excellent decision.You hint at a husband, He should be debarred and exposed for the louse that he is.That is putting it mildly My 16 year old daughter is currently in a relationship with this kid who will be 21 in April. Once he was comfortable around us at home, school and church his truer colors became obvious. He is immature, controlling/ abusive and has expressed himself profanely toward us, our neighbors and our church congregation. I'm praying for her lesson to be over sooner than later. Intellectually women mature faster than men when she reaches HER age of Maturity her ideas may change. and as long as its ok with her family who is going to press charges to even get you in trouble?Our household rules are enforced with a strict curfew. Knowing that once she is eighteen she can do as she pleases she'll be fine if we have done a good job instilling values into her. Explore the reasons why you want to marry this girl and If she will be agreeable 'then' NOT NOW. the only way they would even concider this case would be if her parents had some kind of problem with it.I'm turning 20, have a close friend who is turning 15. we are very in love with each other, but i can't explain this to my mother she just won't stand for it.Parents adore me and wouldn't mind me dating her, later of course! so take her parents "adoring" you to heart, enjoy it because on the other side of things life is very hard.

I feel wrong thinking about dating her later like when she is 16 but everyone else thinks it is okay. Ok, While she is living in her parents home you shouldn't date her without her parents EXPRESSED blessing, no matter how old she is, not just "They adore me and wouldnt mind"The bible never talks about dating, it talks about marriage. Join Our Christian Penpals and Take The Relationships Quiz --- okay, i'm a sixteen year old girl and i'm dating a twenty-two year old.Are you in the season of your life were God is calling you to be a Godly husband??Is she in the season of her life to be a Godly wife??The Bible doesnt give instuctions for "Godly dating".But it does tell us that God will never give us anything we cant handle and I think that includes things we arent ready for.