Indian dating traits

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Indian dating traits

Ruled by the Sun and Uranus, these people display distinctive characteristic features.

So, they may ask people for suggestions and opinions but when it comes to implementing the same, August 4th people do it the way they think. Individuals born on this date are extremely understanding and caring.

They lead a quite active and fast-paced life and rarely indulge in leisurely activities or relaxation.

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on August 4 Personality Outgoing, gregarious and sociable, August 4th born natives are great people to be around with.

Since they fall under the sun sign Leo, confidence and leadership traits come naturally to these people.

They are great planners and decision makers and excel at achieving their desired objective.

However, due to the influence of the planet Uranus, which is the ruling planet for this particular astrological date, these people tend to be a bit rebellious in nature and unconventional in their approach. However, by far, August 4th individuals are honest, loyal, understanding and generous to people.

They live life on the prescribed code of personal conduct which is set or agreed upon by none other than themselves.

Health Stress and sleeplessness are common ailments suffered by those born on August 4th.

Though these individuals are physically fit and enjoy great health and well-being, it is due to their highly active and energetic nature that they often feel drained and exhausted.

To curb the same, adequate rest is a must for these people.

Also, since these people ignore minor health issues and symptoms of illness, regular medical and dental check-ups are advisable for a healthy well-being.

Finance Financial stability is not a regular feature in the life of an August 4th individual. This is more so because August 4th individuals do not believe in saving for the rainy day.