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I was not able to report it online, since the potential buyer had not actually purchased anything. I then called to report the problem I was having from Ebay member marmar-fo69i .A lady in Asia, named Jude, basically said she was sorry and that she could not do anything for me for 30 days???

She put me on hold and came back and said her supervisor in, Asia also, was busy and would call back.

When she went to hang up, I asked her if she had my phone number?

She said, Oh yes, can you give me your name again and your phone number?? Yesterday I wasted all day to call the EBAY to know -why they made restricted my seller account for 7 days.

My husband and I have been with Ebay selling and buying for many years. I think we deserve better treatment when we are having a problem such as this inappropriate emails we are receiving. I marked it for all of EBAY buyers and for those people who want to buy fake (EBAY has such a site -A Fake YSL purse bags.) They still have it. I was spoke with 5 non professional people who really doesn’t know how to solve the problem and listened write way and they do not matter what real situation happened that understand and help me. Other 4 representative just have read and read again EBAY policy and rules which you can read yourself. There was probably my mistake to struggle with fake stuff such a way. At least one YSL bag forever has stop traveling a route EBAY-costumer-Goodwill-costumer-EBAY -Thrift store and go again on the circle .

2065 Hamilton Ave San Jose, CA 95125 Phone Number: (408) 376-7400Fax Number: (408) 516-8811Website: Email: Email e Bay CEO: John J. The first item sold on the site was a broken laser pointer. In January 1997, the site was hosting 2 million auctions per month. By 2008, the company had expanded worldwide and is one of the few success stories from the dot com bubble.

Wenig e Bay was originally founded under the name Auction Web in 1994 by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose, California.

In September 1997, the name was officially changed to e Bay. The e Bay corporate office is still located in San Jose, CA.

Also in 1997, the company received venture funding from Benchmark Capital. I have contacted you customer services department about buyer nobleappliancecenterllc for violating duplicate listing policy ALMOST EVERY item that he has listed is a duplicate listing.

After almost three months of trying your company keeps ignoring my request.

Do you offer preferential treatment to some of your sellers???

Horrible Customer Service Reply Hi, Scott & I have been long time Ebay Power Sellers.

I tried today to report inappropriate emails from a potential buyer of one of my items I have listed for sale.(listing# 331971226655).