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A scammer posing as technical support representative calls to claim there is an issue with your computer – for example, that your software is outdated or that you need to confirm your identity – and asks for remote access to your computer to resolve the issue.Typically, the scammer will ask you to type a specific command to enable remote access.

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Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and account details by posing as a reputable company via email, text message, phone call, or social media.Once obtained, your personal and financial information can be used to access your account and steal money.Scammers hope to convince victims to reveal their information by using compelling language, such as a need to communicate with you for your own safety or account security.Email: Traditional phishing is usually a two-part scam involving email and may contain links to a fraudulent website that appears legitimate, but is actually a hoax designed to capture your personal or financial information.Text message: A phishing attempt via text message to a mobile device to convince recipients to share sensitive information through a reply or link to a fraudulent website.Telephone or voice: A phishing attempt made through a telephone call or voice message.

Scammers have the ability to spoof caller ID so it appears that the call is coming from a legitimate company.

They may also have some of your information to make the call sound more authentic.

Social media: A fraudulent social media account impersonates a reputable company by using the company’s name and logo.

These accounts may link to fraudulent websites that request your sensitive information.

You receive a phone call, email, or letter stating you have won a lottery or sweepstakes.

Scammers require you to pay a fee to receive the prize to avoid taxes or additional fees, or may even threaten to report you to the IRS or police if you do not make the requested payment.

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