Mother and daughter dating site

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Mother and daughter dating site

She was at school and not having her site password I could not delete her account.

She explained that she was lonely and looking for someone to talk to.

We talked about how dangerous and irresponsible her actions were.

We discussed her punishment and an action plan to get her more involved with kids her own age.

And although I willed myself not to, I cried, a lot.

Clicking on an attachment in an email that I thought was from my insurance company led me to a disturbing discovery.

After realizing my mistake and sending a panicked text to my husband, I decided to use my tween daughter’s computer until hubby could get home to make sure mine was not under viral attack.

Logging on past her kitten screensaver, I took a peek at her history and there tucked between Pinterest searches for dance costumes and school-related websites was

shown interest in a boy, had a profile on a dating website. I spent the next hour combing through messages and conversations between my little girl and men with names like “Too Hot Too Handle” and “Man4U.” Men who were “just looking for someone to take care of,” which apparently is dating website code for “send me naked pictures of yourself.” I felt sick, I couldn’t catch my breath, but most of all I felt sad—sad that my baby, who had always had trouble relating to kids her own age, had been so desperate for conversation that she had turned to a dating website for company.

Her conversations were not sexual; they were lonely.

She spoke of her fake children, her hobbies, and was truly looking for someone to just talk.

She handled her lies with a litany of excuses, refusing to send pictures because she was shy and always having a reason for not meeting in person. They obviously were not there to discuss the latest episode of or how to get a crying toddler to sleep, and it seemed no one was actually “just looking for someone to take care of.” Her account had been quiet for a couple of weeks, but I quickly messaged the men who were still asking about her, explained that she was a young girl, and apologized for her deceit.

A few quickly responded a returned apology with reminders that they had never been inappropriate and one immediately deleted his account.

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