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Employers, again, have the option of providing coverage under one of the following dental plans: For a long time, employers were providing indemnity or traditional dental insurance.

It would behoove the reader to note that direct reimbursement plans are the most expensive of the lot, although they provide a number of benefits that are not available to people covered under the other two plans.

For instance, direct reimbursement dental insurance and no waiting period go hand in hand.

Dental Plans with No Waiting Period Some dental plans provide coverage for routine care only and a major dental procedure is covered only after the insured individual has bought the coverage plan for certain time period.

This period can be anywhere between 3 months to a year.

Currently, the national average cost for individual dental plans range between - per month.

While an affordable plan is always desirable but one that doesn't cover certain essentials is not a good value.

Hence, while choosing dental insurance, ensure the procedures you want are covered, and the plan doesn't have a long waiting period for major dental procedures.

Dental insurance is indispensable since the cost of dental care is exorbitant.

A plethora of alternatives are available to people desirous of maintaining good oral health.

For a regular premium, the insurance company agrees to cover the cost of dental services.

Although, people have the option of choosing either individual or group dental insurance, where the former works out very expensive.

Hence, a majority are covered under their employer's group dental insurance plan.

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