Online dating scams china

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Online dating scams china

If she looks too good to be true, she's probably a fake.

A good sign that you're being played is if the woman rarely or never answers pointed questions, or keeps making excuses not to exchange information for direct contact.

3) If you are fortunate enough to communicate with a real woman that you're interested in, and decide to go visit her, hire your own translator!

The agencies will try to charge 2 - 3 times the going rate for translation services.

You can search out translation services for their city on the Internet.

Chn Love is an Internet "Dating" site that is primarily used by a multitude of matchmaker agencies in China.

Like any business, the agencies are in it to make money.

Chn Love has little to no control over how a given agency uses (or abuses) the site.

My observations are based on personal experience, both with using the site, and with visiting China and meeting some ladies from the site there.

The agencies make money in a few ways: 1) the women who come to them to find a western husband pay them to "represent" them; 2) they receive a cut of the fees that the men pay to send an EMF letter, watch a video, have a "live chat", and so on; 3) from providing a translator should a man decide to visit China and meet one or more of the ladies he's "met" online.

There's a couple things guys should be aware of when using Chn Love.

1) Some (not all) of the profile are completely fake.

The agencies post profiles of super-hot women to reel in the men, then do a bait and switch.

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