Potassium carbon dating tagalog meaning

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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.Musa is a genus over 50 of tropical monocot tree-like plants, important for food, fiber, and ornamentals.The genus, now grown in wet tropical areas worldwide, includes bananas and plantains—the fourth most cultivated food crop in the world, with 2009 global production of 97.4 million tons, harvested from 4.9 million hectares. balbisiana (wild progenitors of the complex hybrids that make up modern bananas and plaintains), and M. Bananas and plantains continue to be an important food source in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Oceania, and an important food and export crop in Central and South America, as described in this You Tube video, Growing Bananas (Part 1).textilis (Manila hemp or abacá), cultivated for fiber that is used in rope, paper products, and tea bags. In Central America, the enormous acreage owned and operated by corporate banana plantations from 1900–1940 raised concern about the role of corporations in government (which led to the term, “banana republic,” satirized in the Woody Allen movie, Bananas).Musa species likely originated and were domesticated in southeast Asia, where archaeological and palaeological evidence suggests that banana cultivation dates back to at least 5,000 B. Although they appear to be trees, and grow 3.5–12 meters (12–40 feet) tall, Musa species are technically perennial herbaceous plants because their hard, fibrous “trunks” are actually pseudo-stems composed of overlapping bases of the large, spirally arranged leaves, typically 8–20 per plant. The primary stem bears a single large terminal inflorescence, a spike with pistillate (female) flowers below and staminate (male) flowers above.This develops into a bunch of bananas, consisting of 6–9 clusters of 10–25 bananas each, spiraling around the central peduncle (stalk)—usually around 225 bananas, but occasionally up to 300.

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