Problems updating avg edition

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When hundreds of millions of people worldwide run your free antivirus program, you must be doing something right.

The program's dark-hued main window features five large panels representing five security areas: Computer, Web, Identity, Email, and Firewall.

Each panel includes a colored circle that's proportionally colored to reflect how complete your protection is, and each circle changes from green to red if there's a problem.

If you want to see completely green circles, meaning full protection, you'll have to upgrade to the non-free AVG Anti Virus (2016). During installation, you get a choice of proceeding to install AVG free or starting a 30-day trial of pro.

It's a bit tricky; the only way to proceed with the free edition is to back up a step and select Custom Install.

And of course the ad panel across the bottom exhorts you to upgrade.

AVG made the news recently with reports that its new privacy policy allowed the company to sell your browsing and search history.

An article in Wired made some strong statements, among them that this policy placed AVG squarely in the category of spyware.I perused the actual privacy policy, along with privacy policies of a number of other sites, and concluded that AVG's policy is completely normal for the industry.Publishers of free antivirus software must have some way to make money, but it totally can't involve selling personal data. The scariest privacy policy I read belonged to Wired itself.AVG participates in testing with all of the most-innovative labs that I follow, and does well.It has also appeared in all of the last 12 tests by Virus Bulletin, and received VB100 certification in 11 of those tests.Of the three testing criteria used by AV-Test Institute, protection against malware is the most important.