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A summer pool party turns violent in this shocking video of a mass outdoor brawl.

One of the men invites the other man to "come at him" - and the invitation is accepted as he swings at him and tries to punch him in the head.The flurry of punches sparks loud uproar at the pool and other attendees quickly join in, with one man crash-tackling one of the men on the pool deck.The original man who appeared to invite the fight hits back and sends another man into the pool.Around half a dozen men become involved, with some of the action spilling into the water. One man in a white hat throws a punch before running away into the pool.But despite the flurry of fists, no one has faced the police.City of San Marcos spokeswoman Kristi Wyatt reportedly said officials were aware of the situation.

But "there were no calls for service to the San Marcos Police Department related to the brawl in the video", My San Antonio reported.

These days, I go on about two or three dates a week. Which is when I was confronted with one of the hard truths about dating: You don’t always know.

I can tell you every good bar in Los Angeles (my recommendations: Father’s Office near Culver City has surprisingly comfortable stools, and the Roger Room near West Hollywood is a fun speak-easy circa the 1920s). You can’t always be sure, and you can’t always be right.

I’ve played pool, sipped tea, and drank way too many white Russians. As an accomplished young twentysomething, this was a tough pill for me to swallow. Always arrive early so you can get a good seat (ambience is everything). Wear comfortable shoes in case you end up going for a walk afterward.

One guy even brought me to a Mexican wrestling match in downtown Los Angeles after winning a bet. Not him – he faded away with dates and time – but I couldn’t get over the fact that my judgment had been so totally off. In truth, I thought dating was something that could be mastered, a game that could be won. But for all of my tips and tricks, what I’ve learned is that I am essentially clueless. Part of dating is learning to live in limbo, and part of growing up is being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Most of the guys I met through dating apps (I like Bumble, though I’ll use Tinder on occasion). Sometimes he’ll never call back, and sometimes you’ll never know why. Maybe there’s some alternate universe in which he comes running back to me and we trail off into the sunset, but that’s a universe where I would be the same as I always was, safe.

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    In short order he attracted the attention of Greenwood, SC’s, Sunny 103.5 FM, which recruited him to emcee the a daily broadcast featuring the sounds of summer.