Scrabble app not updating

24-Mar-2015 23:58 by 2 Comments

Scrabble app not updating - islamic personals dating

I can't say it's absolutely true, but when it comes to mobile word gaming, there's Scrabble people and then there's Words with Friends people. Everyone who loves Scrabble sticks with Scrabble, while those who just liked playing from time to time or never played at all veer towards Zynga's word clone. The other day I finally decided to open my Words with Friends play to more of my online buddies, opting to connect to Facebook. At least, that's what I see when it comes to my family and friends. If you're addicted to word games—any words games—how could you not?

I remember when I connected Scrabble to Facebook—very easy. First off, I thought it was quite intuitive what needed to be done.

As long as you had the updated Words with Friends with the Facebook and Twitter connect options plainly visible, it seemed like a super easy task.

Simply hit the "Facebook" sign and follow the instructions. But for me and my i Phone 4, it definitely was not.

I immediately received the following error:"Account Already Connected: This Facebook account has been connected to another user."I don't know how this happened, because I never actually tried opening up Words with Friends on Facebook before trying this method, so I was very baffled by this error.

But I took this as a sign to get on my computer, log-in to Facebook, and install the Facebook version.

I figured it might have something to do with the fact that the email address I used to sign up with Words with Friends on mobile was different than my Facebook email address.

So, I installed Words with Friends on Facebook and it immediately presented me with a popup message asking, "Are you playing on Mobile? After clicking "Yes" it presented me with an option to sign in "using my email account instead" or my Facebook account.I figured that would be the obvious fix for this problem, so I entered in my email address and password for Words with Friends and pressed continue."Sorry, we could not verify that information. I know my email address was correct, as well as my password.Yet, just in case, I tried updating my password in the Words with Friends app on my i Phone by going to "Settings" and typing in my password again in the "New Password" and "Password (again)" spots.Then I pressed "Save And Close" and went back to Facebook on my computer to try connecting again."Sorry, we could not verify that information.Please try again."I then tried deleting the Facebook app and reinstalling it, then going through the process again. " message did not automatically appear; I had to click on "Start a Game" and then press "Close" to get the popup message to appear (which is a very weird process).But again..."Sorry, we could not verify that information.

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