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Finally, she posted the photo on her Facebook page. Your typical “photobomb” is a photograph that has been spoiled by an unexpected intruder: an exhibitionist, for instance, or Michael Cera, or a stingray.

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On the Hill, where photos are likely to be taken in the midst of a frenzy of reporters and staff chasing a fleeing lawmaker, there is a very high likeliness that you will be caught looking like an asshole.

reporter Jake Sherman here, beside House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Even a relatively innocuous appearance in a photograph will be photo-shopped into absurdity, like this one of Yahoo! ” type in political scrum shots because of his ubiquity and his height—being pepper sprayed, like the Occupy UC Davis protesters, by former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

(The photo was made by Moody’s friend from college.) They might even come to haunt your personal life: reporter Emma Dumain recalled a potential suitor on the online dating site OKCupid sending her a link to a photo of herself in the corner of a photo of Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins, “looking totally oblivious and absolutely hideous.

About a year and a half ago, one of Elise Foley’s colleagues at The Huffington Post’s Washington bureau went searching for a photo of Louie Gohmert, the Republican congressman from Texas.

Gohmert is not a member of Congressional leadership or the head of a major committee—some on the Hill might consider him a back-bencher—but his frequently outlandish comments have made him a favorite punching bag of the progressive media.

Most photos were standard Washington scenes—Gohmert at a presser or walking through the halls of Congress—but one stood out, in particular: Gohmert in the press scrum, and Foley just over his shoulder, a bit out of focus but staring directly into the camera, looking, as she describes it, “bored, miserable, and too lazy to even hold up my recorder without propping it up on my other arm.”Michael Kinsley once named the practice of scanning someone else’s book index for your own name the “Washington read.” Today’s Hill cohort has a visual analog: the Washington photobomb, a catch-all term for the act of appearing in a photo intended to capture someone likely much more important than you.Foley’s coworker started using the picture just to mess with her.Then, just over a month ago, Gohmert made news for getting into a verbal confrontation with a police officer over a parking ticket.made it their top story, and for the first half of the day, visitors to the website were greeted by a giant version of the image.Friends and colleagues were emailing, tweeting, texting and chatting her about it.A reader photoshopped her face getting bigger and bigger and ending on the word “SOON,” a homage to the Internet meme that depicts animals lurking in the background of photos as devious and plotting.