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Sex chat anderson s c - dating someone for six months

I Believe these types of stings are entrapment because first of all the police are violating the dating sites Terms of use since the minimum age to participate is 18 years of age. Also in most cases the police initiate contact also entrapment.

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A conservative Supreme Court said it's ok to lie to potential suspects in a criminal investigation. My brother is now sitting in a Texas jail facing 10 years to life in prison for something that he had no clue about that my cousin started chatting with someone on one of these sites and then they can fix my brother of it and a stink which is to me is totally wrong when they know who the real person is that started it and they need to go after that person his name is Timothy Koops.These stings have ruined lives and destroyed families it's time to declare this type of action unconstitutional. Timothy Coupe started chatting with this person and then this person continue chatting on with my brother and my brother had no clue what was going on and I just think it's wrong for the police to have the right to entrap anybody for anything that is just totally wrong.And now because of something Timothy started my brother is sitting in a Texas jail for it which isn't fair to my brother to me should be sitting right there with him in jail and they haven't bothered to prosecute to me they let him come back here to Michigan Yes i feel they should stop this entrapment and arrest the police for this it is wrongful to entrap someone like this on these adult sites pretending they are minors and there not.This same thing is happen to my son right now a police officer acting as a minor now he's going to have to do time for this bullcrap.My life was forever changed by one of these stings.I had a conversation with a cop posing as an underage girl for over 2 months.

The chat was never overly vulgar even if it did get a little personal at times.I never went to met the person, but nevertheless two detectives showed up at my place of employment one day to interview me.They also had a search warrant and cops were combing through my house while the detectives were talking to me.I was summarily fired from my job, ending a promising career. The solution is to decriminalize consensual prostitution and there is an effort to do just this right now- led by erotic service providers and a client plaintiff in California.My computers were confiscated for over a year, after which time they decided I had done nothing wrong and ended the investigation without filing charges. Esplerp the erotic service providers legal education and research project has filed a lawsuit in federal court and it is in process right now.See decrim NOW dot com this case has the potential to decriminalize California and if it reaches the Supreme Court has the potential to decriminalize nine states!