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Sex dating in ringwood new jersey

SLDC has always had an outstanding reputation in the community and camping industry.The personal and professional benefits for our staff are many and should never be underestimated!

You will learn crucial life skills including team work, cooperation, and leadership.Each camp -- Junior Camp, Girls Camp and Boys Camp -- is supervised by a strong director and several Group Leaders who are always available to offer guidance.Job performance reviews are done a minimum of twice per summer season orally as well as written, to offer constructive comments and criticism.Of course, we look forward to our staff returning each summer as stronger and more confident individuals and leaders, who can then serve to be mentors for our new staff!Thank you for your interest in being a part of our SLDC staff!Spring Lake Day Camp, the finest summer day camp in North Jersey, has been providing children with extraordinary and memorable summers since 1989!

We are not just a special place for children, we are the summer home for our staff who returns year after year to be a part of our camp family, and create rewarding experiences for themselves and our campers.

Our staff members are mature, dedicated and passionate individuals who are positive role models and mentors for our campers.

When you are hired as a member of our SLDC team, in ANY capacity and position, you are expected to exemplify several core values -- enthusiasm; a strong sense of responsibility; initiative; professionalism; and respect for the camp, its rules and regulations, campers, and administration.

Staff members are comprised of former campers, college students, educators, specialists and lifeguards who love children and camp.

They play a pivotal role in shaping our campers' "being", who they are and what they will enjoy and accomplish.

They specialize in nurturing the intellectual, social and emotional lives of our young children and early adolescents, expanding their abilities and building their character and self-confidence.

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