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Just before her 16th birthday, Lux is petitioning the court to become an emancipated minor, but before that occurs, she must get signatures from her unknown birth parents.She first finds her father, Nate Bazile, operator of the Open Bar, a business he operates out of a building given to him by his father.

However, even when he signs the papers, Baze discovers that he is already bonding with his newfound daughter, and realizes that she has his eyes.He introduces Lux to her mother Cate Casidy, co-host of the "Morning Madness" drive time show at Portland radio station K-100 and Baze's former one-night stand from high school.Lux has been listening to Cate's voice on the radio as long as she can remember, so she feels an instant connection with the mom she's never met.Baze takes Lux to meet Cate, who is shocked and saddened to learn that Lux has grown up in foster care instead of the adoption she believed would take place, and is reluctant to commit to her daughter.Life Unexpected was an American drama television series that aired for two seasons from 2010 to 2011.It was produced by Best Day Ever Productions and Mojo Films in association with CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Created by Liz Tigelaar, who served as an executive producer with Gary Fleder and Janet Leahy, the series starred Britt Robertson, Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, and Kerr Smith.

Set in Portland, the story follows Lux Cassidy, a teenager who was given up at birth and has spent her life in foster care who finds her biological parents Nate Bazile and Cate Cassidy.

Wishing to become emancipated, Lux is instead given in to their custody.

While Life Unexpected received mostly positive reviews, it struggled in the ratings and was cancelled by The CW in 2011.

The show has since been released on DVD and it is also available on through their streaming service.

Lux Cassidy (Britt Robertson) had been through the foster care system for almost her whole life.( until she was 16) Cate Cassidy (Shiri Appleby) had given birth to her while at age 16, but gave her up for adoption after being promised by Social Services that the baby would quickly be adopted.

Due to heart problems as a baby (she had ventricular septal defect), and countless surgeries, she was not a desirable candidate for adoption, and instead ended up in the foster care system and in and out of group homes.

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