Special operations dating and relationships

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And he may be onto something - Steel House tripled its revenue last year and currently finds itself as the fastest growing company in advertising.

That's the feeling you should have when you walk through the door of your company." The idea that working relationships are void of emotion is an outdated way of thinking.They should actually be given the attention, openness, and care of any important relationship.Happy team members make for a more productive environment that retains the best talent, and Mark believes that this mindset is the purest way of building an organization that exceeds expectations."Look at it this way, if you're in a relationship with someone you care about, you want to go the extra mile for them.It's true - you're in a committed relationship with your company.The interview was the first date, when you signed your offer letter you agreed to be exclusive, and ever since then you've been building a relationship with your coworkers and company. " According to Gallup the average American worker spends more time on the job than any other industrialized nation, and the average workweek for a full time employee is 47 hours.

But don't feel guilty if you're married (and don't get too excited if you're desperately single), it's not exactly on that level - but it's close. It's often the first question you get asked, even in social settings. So if you're spending that long at the office, wouldn't you want to enjoy your time?

If you want your work relationships to be fulfilling, you need to approach them like you would any other relationship you care about.

You need to communicate well, trust, and respect one another - you need to date your company.

Mark Douglas, founder and President of the 0 million-a-year adtech company Steel House, embraces this idea.

"Embrace" may be underselling it - he sees it as the foundation of not only a strong work culture, but a strong business as a whole.

Growing up in the Bronx, he learned early on the value of authentic relationships built on trust and loyalty.