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This station was replaced in 1970, and passenger service ended in 1974.

The company, now with a third generation of Turners, still exists as a partner in Tur Con Construction.After the first houses were built in the late 1920s, they were gradually replaced by larger homes.Where the Co-op Car Wash is now, Jeweller Harry Watcher built this house in 1953.The first phase of the Grande Prairie Co-op took up the west quarter of the block in 1970, leaving this residential section in place until 1980.To the south of the Co-op location, four grain elevators formed the skyline.South of the elevators, a row of warehouses housed wholesale firms such as Horne & Pitfield and Marshall Wells.

In front of them was the railway line and station, the hub of transportation. 1930, must have been for the arrival of a dignitary, for there appears to be a guard on duty, and the cars look remarkably clean.The elevators began to disappear during the 1960s, and the last one was moved to the agricultural industrial park north of Grande Prairie in 1980. From the corner of 99th Street and 100th Avenue, the view south was of this Railway Station built by the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway in 1916.The arrival of the railway was a crucial event in the development of Grande Prairie.Other communities, such as Lake Saskatoon, died when the railway by-passed them.From 1916 until the 1950s, the train was the most efficient mode of travel in the Peace Country.Once roads began to be graveled and paved, and plowed in the winter, the necessity for train service diminished.