Updating opengl

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This is, in my opinion, the #1 reason why it takes them so long to support new versions of Open GL.Nvidia and AMD don't have to worry about this on either Linux or Windows - they can change / break whatever they want without any real consequence, but Apple simply can't.

As a side note: Nvidia has been shipping their own Open GL drivers for OS X for a little while, and I know AMD has a team working on OS X Open GL drivers too. There are two significant consequences for shifting to Metal on OS X: Roughly speaking, this puts Metal in the same position as Direct X on Windows, and should allow them to build out Open GL (or Vulkan) without it impacting the core OS.On the hypothetical end, this means: so, tl;dr: it's pretty easy to see that they're in a far better position to support Open GL/Vulkan now that they have Metal.Taking all of that in stride, this at least partially explains a lack of significant updates to Open GL support.It's pretty clear that they chose to direct engineering resources at architectural problems instead of simply adding new features.AFAIK this should be transparently handled by automatic updates (if you have them turned on).Or else you might check in YAST/Install software/Search Open GL.

That will list all the relevant packages and you can then check if there are any updated packages available and mark them for downloading.I suppose you'll find the newest packages - if not handled by the default Su SE depositories - in the Packman repository. So the following is the result of an exchange between myself and a redditor by the name of lgroeni.He explains why Open GL updates take forever and why there's actually a really good chance that Vulkan will be coming to OS X: So here's the thing: Up until El Capitan (although possibly Yosemite) all UI drawing went through Open GL - any issues in the Open GL stack has the potential to break the entire desktop.So as a result their entire graphics architecture was designed to favor stability/robustness/uniformity over features and performance.Features that require low-level changes (e.g., core profile support) to GL become exponentially harder to validate in those situations, as it means having to ensure that using the feature doesn't break not only 1) other graphics code, but also 2) existing applications.

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