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All of the dating techniques above are directly concerned with discovering the correct order of events at a site, and rely heavily on associations.Relative dating usually relies upon several standard factors within a site.

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This is best summarized in the law of supposition, which states that lower layers of earth or artifacts are older than those which lay on top.For example, a tool type found within a strata or level of sandy soil, is below a geographic strata of clay on a site, and can be considered to be older or in the sense that it was created before the tool type above it.Seriation works upon the same principles 8Factors in Relative Dating Another relative dating method is the geologic-climatic method.Since geology can give clues to climate, analysis of artifacts which are associated with geology can be dated if the age of a climatic event (such as an ice age) is known.The presentation will start after a short (15 second) video ad from one of our sponsors. 2Introduction The first problem encountered when trying to determine the date of an ancient object is that in prehistoric times there were no written records to document the cultures of the past, so archaeologists relied on a system of relative dating to put things into context. Damage will the dating method process destroy or damage the artifact? Both techniques are used to find out how old a specific site is, or how old an artifact may be.Hot tip: Video ads won’t appear to registered users who are logged in. Title: Dating Methods 1Dating Methods Anthropology 101 Scott A. In relative dating, a series of techniques are used that compares artifacts to determine which is older. Evaluating a site using dating techniques aids the archaeologist in finding a specific context or use for artifacts.

Paleolimnology involves some of the relative dating techniques used. Both relative and absolute dating techniques require the analysis of artifacts, whether they be stone, bone, pollen, or tools, etc.Unfortunately, relative dating techniques give us no idea of the actual age of an artifact or site. The difference between relative and absolute dating is that, absolute dating can find an exact date of how old a specific object is (say 1,000 years old approx.), where as relative dating is an estimation based on other factors of a given site.3Text References Here are some of the textbooks references to dating methods Stratigraphy (p. 6Relative Dating Relative dating is an archeological dating technique which assigns a speculative date to an artifact based upon many factors such as location, type, similarity, geology and association. Age given the approximate age of the object, which method can be used to ascertain a more certain date? Absolute Dating When an archaeologist first begins to collect artifacts on a given site, they must use both Relative and Absolute Dating techniques. 151, 355) 4The Issues in Dating When archaeologists study dating techniques (relative and absolute), the following factors relate to all such techniques Material which dating method should be used given the composition of the artifact (bone, stone, pottery, organic, etc.)?Types of relative dating techniques include, dendrochrology, pollen analysis, ice core sampling, stratigraphy, seriation, linguistic dating, and climate chronology, in addition to many other types of dating.

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