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Virtual sex chat robot - Web camsex tube

y 2030, most people will have some form of virtual intercourse as casually as they browse porn today - but what does it actually all mean and is there any truth in it?Here's what happened when we interviewed him and tried to find out (agh).

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Robots are gradually getting more human like and when you add artificial intelligence and they can talk, and you can talk to them and they can move.We're getting robots that are much more like people and it's inevitable that people are going to have sex with them.A robot, which is linked to your personal preferences and gets to know exactly what you want could satisfy you absolutely perfectly every single time.[They] can give you direct feedback on your sensations so that they can give you mind blowing sex every single time you want it. I really do think it's alongside – the same way a woman might use a vibrator to get herself off.It doesn't mean she doesn't want a boyfriend, it just means she's happy to have pleasure too.Sometimes they are [...] a lot of people have casual sex quite a lot, and those people are not that interested in the emotional value.

The sort of people that have one night stands don't really want the complexities of an on-going relationship are not that interested in the emotional bond, they're just interested in the physical sex.That sort of sex is entirely suitable for where the robots might be able to engage. People can be in a perfectly happy human relationship and still have sex with robots. Because the robot can emulate your wildest fantasy, be your knight in shining armour.What the robots won't be able to do is to actually care about you, it can probably pretend to care about you in the same way it can pretend to have a personality and emotions, but it won't fall in love with you the same way a human being would. It's the same as having a boyfriend or a husband and still playing with a vibrator. He might be able to compete quite well with your boyfriend, who is quite nice and you quite like him and you're very fond of him but he doesn't quite match up to your fantasy that you've had since you were a little girl.It's possible that people can have fantasies and be fully in love with another human being.It won't detract from their relationship with a human but they also want to indulge their fantasies as well.Yeah, the going-to-the-bedroom-bit is likely to be with a robot that you've probably bought not just for sex, but probably for household chores.