Wechat girls list

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Wechat girls list

We Chat (Chinese: 微信; or literally “micro message”) is a mobile app, allowing text and voice messaging communication service. It’s also thought of as the future marketing tools after networking via photo/video sharing, shared streaming content feeds and location-based social plug-ins (’Shake’, ’Look Around’, and ’Drift Bottle’) to chat with and be friend with local or international We Chat users.

This is more proactive than the Look Around feature because you already know that people shaking their phone are eager to make contacts. Then select “Pick” to pick a drift bottle from the sea. First of all; all the We Chatters have at least a smartphone which means they can’t be poor.According to the We Chat official data, 76.1% of the users age from 22-35, mainly in big cities.According to their job, white collar rank the first, at 24.2%, while the trend is that more and more middle and low class young people join the We Chat users group.As to the purpose, most users use We Chat to talk to strangers, especially guys who want to pick up girls on We Chat.That explains the high frequency of usage of functions such as look around, shake and drift bottle.Another group of users choose We Chat because most their friends are using it, so they check their friends’ update quite often.

To enjoy the convenience of We Chat message is another important reason, especially the voice message which makes We Chat way more convenient and fashion than traditional txt.

Now many companies can’t wait for joining in the group of We Chat marketing, but some of them are quite suitable for this while others are not.

According to the performance of today’s We Chat marketing, two kinds of companies are proved to be suitable to take We Chat marketing: companies target on mass market and companies focus on local customers.

There are five reasons for those companies to choose We Chat marketing: With its advantage of the huge number of users, We Chat successfully repels all the other competitors and dominates this market.

Where people get together, there’s marketing opportunities. those functions not only increase the interactivity of the users, but also provide We Chat marketers with many choice of attractive marketing tools.

The mobile payment and business has been widely regarded as the future of e-commerce in China.

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