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For every angry, hard-edged song I have by DMX or the Revolting Cocks, I also love a dozen acoustic songs by sweet, sensitive bands like Prefab Sprout and Frazier Chorus. I was at the gym and a random song came on that I didn’t immediately recognize.I also have a lot of pop stuff that I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of, but it’s a part of my personal history. It was Rick Springfield’s song, “Jessie’s Girl,” and for some reason, way back in the 80s, Rick was named guitarist of the year by a music magazine. I didn’t even realize he was Australian, but I immediately equated that win to a Special Olympics medal.

So I listened carefully to the words and tried to figure out what was really being said.By the time he got to the first chorus, I said to myself, “This creep is a fucking stalker!What kind of douche lusts after his best friend’s girlfriend, especially since Jessie’s never done a damn thing to Rick Springfield.” Well, spelling Jesse with an “i” is pretty gay, but he does have a hot girlfriend.Here are the lyrics that open the song: Jessie is a friend Yeah, I know he’s been a good friend of mine But lately something’s changed It ain’t hard to define Jessie’s got himself a girl And I want to make her mine So what we know so far is that Rick Springfield has a good friend named Jessie, but apparently “something’s changed” that has altered the dynamic of the friendship. Now, “Jessie’s got himself a girl.” I have seen a lot of friendships change as a result of a girlfriend’s influence, but in this case, it’s pretty obvious that the girlfriend isn’t the cause of the problems, per se, but rather that her existence threatens the friendship because Rick is obviously not a good friend.It’s a giant sponge that absorbs information and it always feels parched, so I suck up new information all the time.When I listen to music, I try to parse meaning and analyze subtext.

Maybe it’s purely out of boredom or an unrecognized need in me to fill the void.There’s a common misconception that we use ten percent of our brains, but there’s no way I only use ten percent of my brain.I did some research and it turns out the ten percent thing is complete bullshit.They can do CAT scans now and doctors know definitively that we use all of our brains. That’s a pretty heady intro for what is a pretty simple observation that leads to a joke.I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and refuse to lock into a genre or two.I have many moods and my choices in music reflect that. I don’t care if it’s not hip or cool to say so, but those guys wrote some great songs that I still enjoy.

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